Modular Design

Mold Design&Technologies:How we design?

Jimei has established Modular Design system and intelligent design platform.On the basis of mold general standard (such as Misumi, Hasco, LKM) , the system will divide and establish a series of common function modules. And then according to customer certain requirements, these modules will be selected and combined, thus the intelligent system can constitute a different structure, or similar structure but different specifications and demands mold.

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1.The design efficiency can be greatly improved by intelligent processing of system unit in the process of design;

2.Through the combination of intelligentialize and standardization to reduce the manual intervention in design process, the design quality can be improved, error rate can be reduced;

3.The system replaces the designer to completes the repeated and tedious work, which greatly simplifies the design process, reduces the working intensity, and reduces the mould design time.

4. Through the establishment of the Modular Design system and intelligent design platform, our company standardization rate of design is above 80%, the design efficiency is raised by more than 30%, and the quality problem is reduced by about 50%.

Mold structure design is the key to quality. We also have the most advanced CAD、 CAM、CAE and other software to carry out the work. In addition to the traditional design concept, we also use advanced UG、Solidworks、Pro-e、Moldflow Plastics Insight and other software. In 3D graphics, the mold structure is simulated to disassemble and assemble to find out possible problems, such as warpage, discoloration, water ripple, deformation short shot ,sink mark and so on, so that we can make timely correction during design process.

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