JIMEI Mold Good Quality Control

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Since its establishment in 2004, Jimei Mold has been adhering to the business philosophy of "excellence, honesty, customer first, mutual benefit and win-win" as a robot mold manufacturing and injection molding company, providing customers with better products and better quality Service

However, as a robot plastic manufacturer, Jimei is facing the biggest difficulty is the passing rate of plastic products, because each piece of plastic must ensure that no flash (Phillips), no scratches, colorless bubbles and a series of issues, At the same time also ensure that product spraying, silk screen and other processes without any mistakes. This is strictly for the quality control of product quality department is undoubtedly the biggest problem!

On June 6, Jimei's small partners received a commendation letter: The passing rate of batches of plastic parts of Jimei robot increased from 84.72% in March to 93.42% in May, and the batch of robotic appearance plastic parts was qualified the rate of up to 95%, the plastic parts batch pass rate as high as 97%.


Quality Department, a seemingly ordinary department is shouldering the company's major mission. They are not only responsible for the customer, but also responsible for the company. Numerous day and night, they always adhere to the posts, the control supervision of product quality, each batch of goods, they have to check one by one, be sure to ensure the appearance of plastic parts and functional parts to customer satisfaction standards!


No experience in the development of robot projects, find Jimei mould to have synchronous development!

We are very grateful to customers for Jimei approval and support on the work, Jimei mold all my colleagues will redouble their efforts and continuous improvement, for every one Jimei customers choose to provide better products and services!

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