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  • Jimei Mold won the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association Die Design Award

Jimei Mold won the Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association Die Design Award

Guided by Guangming New Area Management Committee, sponsored by Guangming New District Economic Service Bureau and Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, The first Guangming New District Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition kicked off at the Machinery Association Building.



As one of the governing units of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association, Jimei Mold was fortunate to participated in the Mold Design Competition of Shenzhen Machinery Industry Association on June 16.

Jimei Mold was established in 2004, is a plastic injection mold factory in Shenzhen. Our company's "Jimei Happy Team" debuted with various business groups and team groups. The competition group and the team were selected independently and independently. According to the assessment rules, the principle of "fair, fair and open" was followed. The average score of the judges was taken as the final result of the contestants.

Entries: car cooling fan leaves.


Picture of Jimei Mold engineering manager and certificate


Jimei Mold is one of the first mass-produced 3D injection mold manufacturers in the field of plastic mold production.

We thank the contest for Jimei mold recognition! Jimei Mold will live up to expectations, continue to design and produce more excellent plastic mold service in the industry!

Without a bitterly cold, how plum smell fragrant. Jimei happy team of friends for the race prepared for several months. From the tackling of the project to the evaluation of the project, after the feasibility study is finally approved, the plan can be confirmed and the project can be mass-produced finally. At the same time, Jimei Mold won the second prize in the mold design competition group in this competition.

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