Jimei Mold Staff Activities

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On the evening of August 3, 2017, Shenzhen Jimei Mold Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jimei Mold") was held to enrich the cultural life of employees and enhance the communication among employees. The plastic mold manufacturer specializing in the robot supply chain The three-day second "Jimei Cup" pool game.

August 5 is the most exciting Finals, the competition decided to win the championship, runner-up, runner-up and the temple! Jimei dies legal representative Huang Deqin deliberately went to the scene cheer for the players cheer. After the semi-finals decided the former semi-finals, they are the Ministry of QC Li Huaijin, the Department of Physical Control Chen Demin, the Ministry of Mold has lived in the home and the Ministry of Transportation Zhuang Jiancai.

Jimei Molds, uphold the friendship first, competition second organized the current table tennis game. In this competition, although the time was short, the full staff of Jimei Mold have a very period of time fulfilling. We learned together and promoted a lot of experience and skills in snooker competitions. At the same time, it enhanced the friendship among employees, Enrich the staff's cultural life.

The billiard match has been successfully concluded, but the friendship between Jimei's partners will last forever. Let's look forward to the next "Jimei Cup" billiard match.

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