Company Activity----Qingyuan

Time is too shallow, inadvertently has crossed over the gorgeous summer, into autumn quiet.Jimei mold to thank all the staff for their unremitting efforts for the company, enhance the cohesion of the staff, rich collective life, organized all staff to qingyuan tianzi mountain two days tour.

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Shenzhen----Tianzishan waterfall----Hotel


Hotel----Niuyuzui mountain----Shenzhen

Tianzi mountain waterfall scenic area is rich in natural resources, close to the mountain water, with bamboo sea and waterfall group, all year round show a variety of different charm.Tianzishan waterfall springs all the way through the mountains and valleys, through tin hau waterfall, dragon waterfall, tongxin bridge and other ancient Bridges, the river flow directly to the entrance of the scenic area, making the visitors on foot pleasant.

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Under the waterfall, the small road, singing away, breathe the oxygen good life from nature can turn out to be so simple and easy and comfortable new silver light hot springs resort is located in qingyuan qingyuan city, guangdong province wide silver light exit, resort the garden layout, resort, rolling hills, green trees, fresh air, water, for the pearl river delta region a rare "natural oxygen bar", soaking in the hot springs, like xanadu, feel the body, mind, body, the relaxation and pleasure of god

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