New iRobot

New iRobot

Luckily! New iRobot Braava Jet M6 was released, this robot can go back to charger to charge, so we don’t need to worry about he will be hunger

When I see this new iRobot, I was reminded another robot, which was called Sanbot with the fuction of home security, education and amusement. Sanbot will find out the charger to charge when the power is lower than set value or click “charge” to open the charging mode during usage. Please see detail as shown in picture below

So cute, right? Do you want to speak with him? Welcome to Jimei.

Ok let us go back to key point. Actually, Jimei is a Robot injection mold factory, in other word, the plastic parts of this cute Robot were made by Jimei. So if you full with ideas to creat cute and magical robot, please send us drawings, we can help you to realize them. Jimei is strong and will not afraid of any difficulty, because we can provide one-stop robot production solution for you. Come on, please challenge us!

Please remember Jimei mold, which is specialize in robot supply chain supporting injection mold.

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