Notes for injection mold trial

There are many things that need to be verified in the injection mold trial process, and what are the problems that need to be verified for quality?

1. The appearance of plastic products: the appearance of products should be observed whether there are uneven lines, color shading, obvious light and shadow, shrinkage, air lines, lack of glue, drag damage, obvious clamping waterline and so on.

2.The dimension of plastic product: can't exist dimension to take limit tolerance phenomenon, what is limit tolerance? It is the limit data of the product size within the acceptable range. If the product goes through the limit tolerance and is not processed well, it will lead to the difficulty of production in the mass production process.

3.Plastic products with each other: all the monomer of the specifications of the products to meet its own size, also need to be done on all parts with each other, and each other is A detail comparison strong link, is particularly dry, because in this link adaptation, if supplied with accessories is 1 out of 1, is relatively easy, but if it is A few, you need to match each other, respectively, that is to say, need A with B, A and C, and D with A, such a  model, or product in the assembly cannot be supplied with A big problem so when you hear the early said he is supplied with A couple of days and nights, to complete each other, do not think that somebody is tell a lie.

4. Plastic product reliability test and dimensional report I: plastic injection mold in the process of test when the robot finished product, size, appearance, validation of each other, isn't it just a matter of, of course not, try molding plastic products, the reliability of the test, as well as the process after verification test, the size of the product CPK and sample into the inspection method, to be able to complete checking, etc., that is the test validation completed the performance of the quality department.

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