What's steps are involved in design of injection mold?

1. Injection mold layout :(type and specification of mold base, number of mold holes and flow channels) arrange the types and sizes of molds after getting the drawings

2. Mold design drawing of injection mold assembly drawing (requirements for assembly and processing) was preliminarily completed, and assembly design was carried out to get a reasonable plan

3. Part drawing of injection mold (mold cores, slider, lifter, insert) includes the selection of mold cores, the decision of mold steel material, whether to add slider, lifters and insert, etc

4. EDM drawings of Injection mold  (lifter hole, lifter, ejector sleeve hole, insert hole) for injection mold needs to be designed after mold making, because it is more conducive to the speed of mold production

5. After the mold ejector pins and waterway drawing design, the design of waterway drawing will be carried out to ensure that the products will be produced with high quality in the production process.

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