How to standardize the management of injection molding plant

1.Effective management can ensure the comprehensibility and consistency of the data, so as to effectively share and query the data to prevent problems caused by inconsistent data and irregular drawings from being found and corrected in time, resulting in the need for rework and maintenance of the injection mold, which increased the manufacturing cost of the injection tool and affected the delivery time.

2. Establish the company's own quality testing injection mold department, standardize various testing methods to eliminate the fluke mentality, strengthen the sense of responsibility of design and operators, and reduce the harm caused by carelessness.

3. Strengthen the communication and supervision between the customer - market - engineering - procurement - manufacturing - warehouse - injection molding departments, fully understand the customer's mold technical requirements and Suggestions, record and summarize requirements, timely and accurately communicate with all departments to avoid duplication, save injection tool cost and allocate time.

4. A customer business data folder must be established for each customer and Shared among various departments of the company to improve customer service level and reduce error tracking and supervise the production of each project of injection mold, arrange test mode, track relevant materials, confirm samples, send samples, arrange molds, etc.

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