How to choose a favorite injection mold factory

Injection molded products are used in many areas of life. There are also many manufacturers in the market engaged in injection molding. So which one should be chosen among the many injection moulding manufacturers?

This issue is of concern to many customers, so it is important to understand the factors to consider when choosing an injection molding manufacturer

      The following factors should be taken into consideration in choosing a proper injection molding manufacturer:

      1. Injection molding machine

One consideration in choosing an injection molding manufacturer is the equipment used by the manufacturer, as the quality of the injection molding equipment affects the quality of the injection molding product. Also need to consider injection molding cost of course, better injection molding equipment injection molding cost will be correspondingly higher. The factory can also make a batch of hand-plate samples, carefully compare the advantages and disadvantages of the product before making a choice.

      2. Delivery time

When choosing an injection factory, we should also consider the delivery time. Every customer hopes that their own products can be developed as soon as possible to seize the market. If the production capacity of the injection plant is limited and cannot be delivered on time, it will lead to a series of subsequent problems. Therefore, delivery time is also an important factor, customers generally choose to be able to complete the injection molding process within the specified time injection molding factory

3. After-sales service

In the process of choosing injection factory, we should also pay attention to the problems after delivery. It is very important to guarantee the transportation safety of products, reduce the rate of product damage and collision, timely solve product quality problems, and provide customers with a relatively perfect after-sales service system.

Accordingly, when choosing injection molding factory, want to think twice before acting,  and it is the wisest decision to choose Jimei mold!

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