How to prevent fire in plastic mould factory?

We all know that plastic products in the production of plastic products is a huge amount of heat, and the finished product after production is flammable products. Every year, the fire caused by improper storage of plastic products has caused serious harm to the safety of people's life and property. Therefore, governments at all levels attach great importance to fire prevention in the plastic industry. What fire prevention points should we pay attention to as a plastic mold factory?

All staff should participate in the training of fire fighting knowledge. The fire prevention training for employees is the most important thing. No matter the application of fire extinguisher, common fire escape methods, fire prevention knowledge of workshop and dress requirements in workshop, the manufacturer should carry out good training.

The infrastructure conditions of the plant must strictly meet the requirements of fire protection. Such as: smooth fire lines, fire hydrant maintenance.

The plant must carry out fire drill within a certain period of time, as well as the maintenance of machines and lines in the workshop, so as to prevent the possibility of fire caused by short circuit of lines.

The simplest and effective way to prevent fire in plastic mold factory is to start from ourselves and start from childhood, strengthen the fire fighting concept of ordinary staff, and inspect the infrastructure of the plant area. Only by doing these well, the possibility of fire in plastic mold factory will be greatly reduced.

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