How to effectively solve the problem of flash of large injection molds?

For the flash, the usual causes of product burrs are as follows:

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1 Insufficient clamping force

2 The mold is not well matched

3 mold deformation

4 oil tank processing is not in place

5 Exhaust groove depth is not reasonable

6 There are foreign objects on the mold surface

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So how to effectively solve the problem of flash of large injection molds?

1 First, find out the reason why the clamping force is not enough, is the machine is too small, or the clamping force of the machine itself is abnormal.

2 It should have been sealed with a tight seam, the seal is not dead, check the injection mold thimble, inserts, and the line between the rows is not rigorous. Then solve

3 The strength and thickness of the mold itself are not up to standard, causing the mold to deform, and the plastic mold products run a batch of raw edges.

4 Specification processing oil tank

5 The depth or position of the venting groove is not reasonable, and the gas of the injection mold is not well discharged, resulting in plastic mold products, trapped, burnt, running edge

6 Check the foreign matter on the surface of the injection mold. If it is a pressure port or a die, it will lead to the injection mold.

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Through the above description by Jimei Mold, we hope you can have a new understanding of troubleshooting and solving the plastic mold burrs. If you are interested in customizing large plastic molds, you are welcome to contact us, thank you.

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